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Default Re: herro, i think i might be having some stem problems

Originally Posted by Raid3n
i could have been doing it wrong (which im fairly sure i did) but i didnt seem to hear any sort of air flow.
ill go back and see when i have time in the next couple hours.

but i think ultimately the big question is unless there was something faulty to begin with (which to the best of my knowledge there wasn't) would a multi hose egyptian stem really start to break down after a month of being used on average once a week, and the rest of the time its stored in a case?
It shouldn't if it's a quality hookah. Of course, there are cheap/poorly made hookahs out there that will start breaking down after a short period of time. There are several multi hose hookah options out there that will offer reliability and great smoke for years to come. A hokah shouldn't break down after only occasional smoking. All my hookahs have stood up to daily abuse smoking outdoors. Each and every one of them still perform just as good as they did when new. Of course this largely depends on what brand hookah you have and it's build quality. What hookah do you have?
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