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Default Re: First Hooka Problems

Originally Posted by bigguy
The brand was al amir. I started with one 3 kings ql coal but made it two when it did not seem to be making much smoke. I got to get a windcover. I have a KM and have not found one that will fit so for a quick fix so I will have to try your foil trick out untill I make one.

Al-Amir should give you thick clouds. It's acually not a bad brand, it's pretty good. What bowl are you using, because this also will depend on how many coals you're supposed to use. If you're using a typical egyptian bowl, then one three kings coals is enough. Remeber, you don't want to put to many coals, because this will burn your shisha and cause harshness. I use one 33mm golden coal whenever I smoke with the basic egyptian bowl (which hold 10-15g)

Usually, as long as it's a small, egyptian bowls only require one coal to provide thick smoke and good flavor. If you have the small 33mm coals, then there is no need to break it up, as they're already small enough. What's your hole placement like? Do you stir the shisha to get all the juices mixed up before packing?
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