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Default Re: First Hooka Problems

Originally Posted by bigguy
Yes I have the 33mm kings.

I did not mixup the bag before smoking it up. I did break it up before installing it into the bowl.

The bowl I have it 2 7/8" wide 2 3/4" high and around 5/8" deep. It came with the KM hookah.

I had no holes close to the sides of the bowl. Should I make some there. Some people say not to make holes in the middle of the foil. Is that true?

Thanks for the help.
ok, make sure each and every time you go to smoke, that you stir up the shisha before packing it. What will happen is, that the top layer of shisha will dry out since the juices will seap to the bottom. So if you smoke the top dry layer, you won't get as mush flavor or thickness of smoke. Stir it up real good to get everything wet, and then pack it. Also, you should poke holes all over the bowl, center, middle, and everywhere in between. Check out the following video by Sambooka:

he shows how to properly poke your holes in that vid and also shows everything you need to do in order to get a great session...
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