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Default Inconsisteny or mood swings?

Have you ever tried a flavor months or years ago that you remembered as great and tried it again recently only to be disappointed? It's happened to me quite a bit and not sure why. Two weeks ago I set aside 3 50g for myself to try something different, actually something that I haven't had for about a year. Nakhla Sherezade Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Earl Grey. I tried the Cinnamon, it was ok, just like it was a year ago. Nothing special, interesting, a bit spicy, but I will not commit to a 250g. The next night I tried Cardamom and was disgusted. I never tried Nak's version of it but tried AF's awhile back. I just don't like this flavor. At that point I decided I don't even want the Earl Grey and a couple of weeks passed. I had EG a year ago and found it hard to smoke, I didn't like the flavor and just wasn't too interested. Well last night I was bored of my usual stash and grab the was amazingly pleasant, lots of flavor, tons of smoke, it just hit right. I even used Hajo's new found Tunisian method at times.
It got me wondering. How many flavors have I written off as no good because of 1 experience. Abu Ronin advised me to try Nak Fak Mixed Fruits about the same time a year or so ago. I hated it, it burned, it was too strong, and I tried it several times, but now with time passing, and having more experience I am thinking of giving that one a go.

I've had this with other flavors work the opposite way. The first time I tried Tangiers Lucid Cactus fruit when it was released a few months back it was absolutely great. I opened one a couple weeks back and I'm not impressed. Smokes bad, scratches the throat and no flavor.
Not going to blame any brands as a whole, they all have their hit and miss flavors, but whats the deal with the same flavor hit or miss? Could it be inconsistency by the manufacturer or are there other factors, like, mood, or just getting a better setup going?

Even the great consistent Nak DA treats me well at times and bores me sometimes as well.

Whatever it is, my EG session last night was excellent. Now I want to give a retry to other flavors I had written off as no good.
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