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Default Re: herro, i think i might be having some stem problems

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing... since that is the Mya Gyro vase, it basically means that you can buy any Mya stem in the tall range, and just slip it on there... And there you go, you'll have a perfectly sealed bad ass single hose hookah. I'm sure you know how the Gyro's stem looks. The 30 inch Mya Column (which is the one I have) also uses the same stem. When you call the guys at Mya, tell them about your siruation, and ask if they could set you up with the Gyro's stem.

I can vouch for this particular hookah and stem. It's smokes really good, reliable, and looks gorgeous. Also, since it would be an authentic Mya hookah at that point, cleaning would be much easier. The reason is because Mya cleaning brushes are made at the exact diameter of the inner diameter size of their stems. This basically means that cleaning is a breeze and much more effective than other hookahs which have weak brushes that are either too big or small...
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