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Default Re: Another Blue Mist failure

Originally Posted by uk_shisha_king View Post
you know what, I've had the same problem with SB bluemist, I dont know but it just dont taste right to me. I bought it off a fellow HP member (250g), but im thinking that might be an old batch thats why it aint tasting good.

However I bought 250g of bluemist off John the other day and I havent opened it yet but I might just open it to see if there is a difference in taste.

If there is a difference and it tastes good then I'll let you guys know.

that would be me lol, but you can see the expire date on that is 2011 and i only opened it the week before that and i packaged it well and put it in a zip lock bag so i dont think it was anything to do with the freshness.. i told you it wasnt for me either, i think it's just the flavour itself... let me know if there's any difference with the one i gave you and the one you ordered from John though.
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