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Default Tobacco thats tooooo juicy?

I just got AF Grape with Mint.
After taking it out of the tub and holding the bag, I could tell that it was very juicy just from the feel of it.
I opened it up, took a wiff of it. Delicious, but went on to smoke my blend off entry instead.
Well, now, I loaded a bowl with grapes and mint, and began smoking.
I noticed something going on in the water in the base.
A few minutes later, the all the water was dyed red.
I took off the stem to take off the diffuser in fear that it may be contaminated somehow, and began to smoke again.
The smoke was now unbearable.
Still tasted good, but just too much, so I've put the diffuser back on, and it's going good again, but it sits in what looks like a four inch pool of blood.

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