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Default Re: are there hookahs better then KMs ?

I own a couple of KMs and while they are very good rigs in all respect there is nothing magical about them and plenty of narghiles are equally well built or better. In Egypt i've owned rigs made by Shisha King and El Ashrey which were every bit as good as anything KM makes.

My Iranian narghiles are works of art that smoke as well if not better then my KMs. In the end my personal favorite is my Arabica Sous narghile which has mazingly great built quality, flawless glass that give a session second to none. I also hav several Syrians that I prefer far more then my KM's. I like the fully drawn brass based construction, the closed common smoke chamber, the built in brass diffusers and I think they are better looking. In short I am a Syrian partisan when it comes to narghiles.
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