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Default Re: phunnel or vortex!!!!

If you're uncertain, purchase one of each if possible. With that said, if it comes down to one or the other and you:

a) don't smoke Tangiers or similar brands at all
b) mostly smoke alone
c) cost is of a concern

then I'd go with the Vortex. My understanding is that even the small Tangiers bowl holds a lot more shisha than the average smoker will spend in one session - unless you're hitting it for three hours straight or having a group session. You can reduce the amount of tobacco used by purchasing or making a scalli mod. The Vortex bowl still holds more shisha than a standard Egyptian or mod bowl, but it doesn't hold any more than I'd smoke in a session, so it isn't wasted by the time it's all said and done.

Some people don't like the Vortex because of the holes around the spire. They have experienced it clogging and being difficult to clean. I, personally, haven't had any problems with mine. Certainly nothing a little warm water, a pipe cleaner and sticking my finger up through the bowl and running it around the inside of the spire (thanks for that how-to video, Kalutika!) won't fix.

Like others have said, it never hurts if you're in a position to where you can purchase various bowls to do so. You never know if one is going to break as you're preparing it for a session. That and some tobaccos respond better to different bowls. I have five different bowls and each one serves a purpose. It's difficult for us to help you make this decision because everyone has a preference. It isn't that one bowl is inherently flawed and the only reason people like it is because they're noobs. Both bowls work exceptionally well if packed correctly, but for one reason or another each person likes one bowl over the other.
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