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Default Where can I buy a 30in solid al fakher hookah?

So as many of hookah beginners I've been happy learning and smoking out of my mya qt. It's great, its simple and while there are other options, its an amazing hookah once you change the hose and bowl. But now I want to try something a little more "classy" and it seems all posts indicate that the Al Fakher hookah is the right choice. I contacted John to ship me one internationally but he's sold out of the medium solid one and says he won't be able to get them for a while. I really want the medium because the large will probably ship in a huge box which could most likely get stuck on customs and cost me tons of money. So I just wanted to ask if there are other options. The ones I know aside John are the al fakher online website but by some posts it seems they ship really slow, might as well wait for John to restock. And the other option... it seems that its a very "ill" subject and for respect for John I don't want to do business with them.
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