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Default Re: Help pick some fumari flavors

Originally Posted by hookahman1988 View Post
Lemon Mint, Mint Chocolate Chill, and Watermelon
does the watermelon taste real or is it jolly rancher tasting

Originally Posted by BobMarley View Post
I really loved their Cola. Can't go too wrong with Fumari really, I loved 9/10 flavors I ordered from them. (Avoid the raspberry.)
Never thought of cola it actually sounds pretty good ill get that one forsure

Originally Posted by Demonix View Post
He's a great guy.
Tell him DemoniX/Daniel sent you ^_^
will do so im still hoping since im going to be buying a few phunnels all mine managed to get broken that eric will give me a lesson how to pack a phunnel bowl his way. The only sad part is I wanted to get a mini phunnel but I called eric and he said no more so i guess i missed out
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