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Default Re: are there hookahs better then KMs ?

Originally Posted by foibled View Post
That would depend on the bowl, packing, and moassel. If you have a KM and don't want a wide draw, get a thinner hose or simply don't inhale as hard. Draw is what you make it, assuming the shisha and the rest of the setup are capable of it.

As for the OP, KM has many different hookahs and despite what opinions are, they do differ in construction and not all smoke the same. For these reasons it's hard to compare KMs as a whole to the rest of the industry. KM quality also has seemingly become more iffy as of late, but the rest of the industry has already been iffy for some time.

Are there stems better than some KMs? Sure there are IMO. Are there stems better than all KMs? Sure there were IMO. Have fun trying to get a hold of one now though.
Yeah the KM pro hose does exasperate the problem but even the draw on my AF nour is much better.
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