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Originally Posted by bracque View Post
the ministry of health in egypt was started to talk a lot about the ill effects of shesha smoke before i left the country 2 years back because so many young people were smoking.

i smoked cigarettes for 12 years. i quit 8 years ago. i absolutely LOVED smoking when i was a smoker, but i was not so ignorant as to believe that it was not damaging my health. i knew each cigarette was bad, but i made a choice to do it anyways.

when i was living in egypt i probably averaged 1 shesha session every week. now i have a baby so i am probably smoking once a month on average these days. you inhale so much more smoke in each hookah session then you would with a cigarette, which clearly is not good for you. you also inhale tons of carbon monoxide, among other things.

i don't smoke often, so i don't think about it too much. just like drinking - moderation is the key. if you smoke shesha everyday, or several times a day, it is safe to assume you are damaging your health. i'm sure someone will post a report saying otherwise, but there were many reports that came out in the last 10 years saying global warming was a myth, which anyone credible in the scientific community now acknowledges is real.
A realist, I applaud you. People will dig up anything to justify their vice, in the end smoking bad for you, period, end of argument.
Hookah is no exception and the method and smoke generated is not good for you in any way. Think about it, you are inhaling ash, carbon monoxide, tar, nicotine, flavoring and coloring additives in the tabacco which could become toxic when heated past a certain point. It is safe to assume that you are breathing in poisons,toxins, carcinogenics and these are obviously not good things. As with anything, moderation is key and since there is no conclusive evidence that one is worse than another, it would be safe/smart to reduce the duration of smoking or the frequency of smoking to reduce your risk of cancer and other problems that are common to smokers.
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