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Originally Posted by Ignited View Post
A realist, I applaud you. People will dig up anything to justify their vice, in the end smoking bad for you, period, end of argument.
Hookah is no exception and the method and smoke generated is not good for you in any way. Think about it, you are inhaling ash, carbon monoxide, tar, nicotine, flavoring and coloring additives in the tabacco which could become toxic when heated past a certain point. It is safe to assume that you are breathing in poisons,toxins, carcinogenics and these are obviously not good things. As with anything, moderation is key and since there is no conclusive evidence that one is worse than another, it would be safe/smart to reduce the duration of smoking or the frequency of smoking to reduce your risk of cancer and other problems that are common to smokers.
I must disagree on you with a few of your points.

With a hookah you are not in any way inhaling: Ash (It is quite impossible to do so, being that the smoke is pulled through water which would surely hold down any particle matter of anything that happens to fall through the stem)

Tar: If a person is properly using a hookah pipe there will be NO tar generated. It is simply impossible. Tar is created when tobacco burns in temps at or above 500 degrees F. No hookah can burn higher than 450, again properly used. This includes the temperature that is created and increased when someone is taking a draw.

Colors and flavors (inluding Honey/molasses/ veggie glycerin): None of the components in this category product anything harmful to our bodies. All of them burn cleanly into either vapors or into chemical compounds more related to sugars and safely absorbed through our lungs.

I must agree that hookah is not "good" for you, nor is it an acceptable substitution for cig smoking.

But also keep in mind the physics.

Cigs/cigars Both burn at temperatures in excess of 550 degrees F, and can reach temperatures of above 700 degrees when someone takes a pull. Those temperatures destroy bodily tissues on contact in addiction to the additives in the product (most effected: throat/vocal cords/ avioli) Smoking a hookah ,generally again if used properly) GREATLY decreases the risk of developing forms of respitory complications.

Only 2 components of a properly used hookah cause ill effects on our bodies.

-Carbon monoxide.

But being something that many people enjoy I would say that the way onto which we pump ourselves with nicotine is the key factor, not if tobacco in itself is bad for us...because we all already know it is.
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