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But also keep in mind that the effects of burning tobacco have been investigated in much greater depth than the effects of inhaling molasses/honey/glycerin as far as long and short term effects. These ingredients are safe for our body to consume orally but the effects that these have on the respiratory system have not been explored. We can harp on the fact that we notice less harmful effects when we smoke hookah than cigarettes because we're inhaling smoke that is drastically cooler than the smoke produced by a cigarette.
I do vocal training and I notice that both cigarettes and hookah have an effect on my breathing. With cigarettes its much more noticeable in the beginning and feels much more adverse. When it comes to hookah tobacco its still affecting my lungs but its less noticeable. No matter which I am smoking I still can improve my vocal ability and breathing range but with cigarettes its more of a battle to remain on an equal level, where as with hookah I still am able to make forward progress. Once again this falls into the "non-concrete" evidence category.

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