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Originally Posted by AmNite View Post
actually a lot of scientists still think its a myth and now there is some proof that global warming was just a load bull****...
You'd be hard pressed to find any 'scientist' saying so whose research isn't funded by a concern with a vested interest in claiming global warming isn't happening.

The actual climate change happening is among the final steps - changes in sea acidity, one of the best measures, has already occurred on a large scale.

The scientific community is not some collective group-think (they often tear each other to shreds over things from Cold Fusion to just what role RNA plays in our genes) - and yet the vast majority are in agreement on climate change because the data is irrefutable.

There will always be naysayers, because it's such an alarming prospect - but not from those who study such things.

It reminds me of the 'debate' on evolution:

"Evolution is just a theory!" says the heckler. The reply: "So is gravity. I hope you float the f*ck away".

Now back to shisha.
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