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Default Shisha Types

I have been religously smoking hookah for not too long now. However, i am trying differnt flavors, and i find myself coming back to SB (starbuzz) tobacco.

I have tried a few AF, a few tangiers and one naklah flavor. Im finding i get more of an enjoyable session with the SB tobacco. Its easier to manage heat, i dont ever have any harsh smoke like AF. Doesnt make me sick to my stomach like naklah. Am i doing something wrong with the other types?

Dont get me wrong, the other flavors were nice. I love the naklah fahkfakina fruits flavor. Its awesome. I just for some reason seem to be having issues of all the other types getting harsh, or burned. Is it just my packing? I pack all of my boels the same way, no matter what tobacco it is. Well except tangiers, cause i didnt pack those bowls.

I guess im just lookin for affirmation. That, am i just retarded or are the other tobaccos just more difficult to deal with and harder to maintain a good hookah session without nasty flavors or coal issues.
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