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Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
Well, Id hate to ask this, cause i am sure this will start a huge war, but what makes SB soooooo bad? The fact that it is main stream, has higher prices, and candy flavors?
It's not the high price as I would have no problem spending 30 U.S.+ for 250g of something great. What the masses like is more often then crap when it comes to music, food, politics, clothes and basically anything consumed but mere mass acceptance dosn't make something crappy. Rather mass acceptance serves to help predict crappyness. As someone once said "i've never lost a nickle underestimating the public's tastes or intelligence.

What makes SB so horrible is that it tastes so damn fake. It screams bogus, looks like a chemistry set gone wrong. It's focus group driven, cloying and plastic. It's Hanson or Hanna Montana but less sincere, less talented with extra commercialism and cheesyness.

King Moassel, Cuzzins & Zona/Epic merely suck while SB sucks on a spectacular level.
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