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Default Re: is Back

Does it really matter what i think? No, not really... who am i? just some fuger on a hookah community web site. Right? So, why get deffensive, or even care about what i think or what i feel about the looks of a web site?

The web site looks shady, casue of lack of content, and remind me of a bunch of bogus web sites I have seen before. That and not ever hearing of, makes me a worried consumer, and not want to deal with that web site.

If i am wrong so be it. If you all know this person, very cool. Could be a great vendor. However, at first site, not knowing him, or the site itself, and saying that it was coming back like it was here before and shuitdown for a reason. C'mon lets be real about this. First impressions are everything. If the site looks shady to me, then i am sure it will look shdy to others. E-commerce requires a good first impression for someone to want to buy something from your web site. Correct? Or am i wrong here. Dont get me wrong here, im not a e-commerce pro or internet guru, but i am allowed to have my opinions, weither you like them or not.
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