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Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
Does it really matter what i think? No, not really... who am i? just some fuger on a hookah community web site. Right? So, why get deffensive, or even care about what i think or what i feel about the looks of a web site?

The web site looks shady, casue of lack of content, and remind me of a bunch of bogus web sites I have seen before. That and not ever hearing of, makes me a worried consumer, and not want to deal with that web site.

If i am wrong so be it. If you all know this person, very cool. Could be a great vendor. However, at first site, not knowing him, or the site itself, and saying that it was coming back like it was here before and shuitdown for a reason. C'mon lets be real about this. First impressions are everything. If the site looks shady to me, then i am sure it will look shdy to others. E-commerce requires a good first impression for someone to want to buy something from your web site. Correct? Or am i wrong here. Dont get me wrong here, im not a e-commerce pro or internet guru, but i am allowed to have my opinions, weither you like them or not.
Obviously you can have what ever opinion you want based upon what ever you want. His websites doesn't look great but it was hacked and he just rebuilt it. Kamal is actually a very major figure in the global tobacco trade and is just something he runs on the side because he like hookahs and the people that smokes them. I've made dozens of orders from him and his service is fantastic. Still, don't buy from him if you don't want to but realize you'll miss a lot of great tobacco.
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