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Default Re: Headaches and hookah

carbon monoxide poisoning also starts with a headache. you can get those if you smoke indoors. even if your coals are fully lit they still produce carbon monoxide (probably the most harmful part of smoking a hookah).

depending on coal, the amount of CO released varies. there can also be accelerants in the coal like sulphur (which can also give headaches and worse).

you need good ventilation to reduce the amount of CO in a room. the amounts released are usually less than the amount needed to set off a smoke detector but its definitely being released.

this is the most likely cause. the black parts of the coal release the most CO (and other accelerants). get a CO meter and see whats being released. its definitely the cause of my headaches. just smoking too much, even with really good charcoal that releases very little CO, it adds up (indoors). however using QLs even outdoors, the accelerants and CO give me headaches pretty quick.
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