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Default Re: How hot do Coconara coals burn?

I use them, with phunnel (appently this is how you spell it ) and standard bowls and they work very well with both; you'll need 3 and having a wind stopper really helps.

I primarily smoke starbuzz in my phunnel (double foil), if you pack it right you won't have to move the coals at all, it'll burn for about an hour and when the flavor dies the coals will be about the size of a fingernail in diameter (this is with the wind stopper without the results will vary in a negative way).

Al Fakher burns at about the same pace. I'd highly recommend coconara coals with a phunnel bowl if you're a Starbuzz or Al Fakher smoker, though I'll admit to not having tried different coals. I don't see how it can get much better though the coals litteraly last as long as the tobacco, and I've smoked out of a small, med and med-large pipe with that head setup and all with great results.

Hoped this helps
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