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Default Charcoal Screen AND Foil?

I've read several threads debating whether it's better to the use foil or a metal charcoal screen. After reading the pros/cons presented for both sides, I can't help but ask the question - Why not both?

Most people seem to dislike the screens because the holes are too large, and the seal is sub-par (or non-existent). The most common and perhaps only issue noted with foil is how it can sometimes touch the shisha and burn it. I was thinking, if you were to use foil, then place the metal screen on top, poking small holes in the foil which are linear to the holes in the charcoal screen, would it allow for the best of both worlds? The only issue I forsee might be that there's too much metal between the coals and shisha, and perhaps the bowl may not become hot enough.

Has anyone every tried this?
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