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Default Re: Charcoal and Humidity

Originally Posted by ZenSilk
I don't know if any of you know this, but Charcoal is in fact used commonly to minimize Humidity. Charcoal absorbs humidity like a sponge when left open to air, so if there is in fact humidity in the storage area, your coals will be next to useless in regards to using them as a reliable heat source.

When having absorbed humidity, the coals will in fact Splinter and Crack when burning. This, i believe, is the main cause behind bad batches of Exotica Coals. They go through different humidities whiel being shipped, and also at their origin and destination.

They are made in California i believe, and it is relatively humid over there. Over here in Utah, it is a desert, we have very low humidity, especially during the winter. When the charcoals burns, it is burning at a humidity level that is MUCH lower than itself, so that may be causing the terrible smell some people get when lighting them.

In dry conditions, humid charcoal releases humidity, making it a great humidity regulator.

This makes me wonder..
Would Acclimating charcoal before you use it keep it from smelling and splintering?? I would think that it would do ALOT in regards to the smell while burning and the cracking because it would be at the correct humidity level for your climate.

Edit: I'm doing a test, i'll get back to you tommorow cause it will take 1 day.

There is alot of truth to what Zen says. I live in Houston, quite possibly the most Humid city in the US. A thing I noticed with Exoticas:

I smoke outside on the patio..never in the house. I started storing my Tobacco and coals in the pantry inside..until my mom told me that I was taking up her space, lol. So I started storing the stuff in the garage. The Exoticas went from just OK. They would let off a stench when being lit and crack all over. However...they still had no flavor to the tobacco and still lasted the regular time...but damn...the difference was night and day. They go from no smell and no Horrible smell and cracking everywhere. I thought it was me...but after reading this...and other posts about recent exoticas dilemma...I think they are VERY sensitive to weather and atmosphere.

Just my 2 cents...
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