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Default Re: OMG look at this

Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
^^^ yeah i was thinking the same thing. If they could harness the flavor of the sweet malted grains, like crystal malt, or maybe some honey malt and hops. I think they could have something.

However, I seriously doubt that this is even close to what i have in my mind. MMMMMM malt and hops. OK i want to brew now.
I would hazard a guess that no alcoholic beverage flavours will ever be replicated in a a moassel. Beir for instance has a huge number of very complicated chemical interactions that produce the tastes we associate with it. Distilling something so complicated down to a few extracts that can made to withstand the moassel manufacturing process and the heat of a typical session seems to be an epic engineering and manufacturing challenge that I doubt will ever happen.

If someone does pull it off it won't be King Moassel. Everyone knows I hate SB and Fantasia but i'd rather smoke either of those brands daily for the rest of my life then then smoke King Moassel without being paid a king's ransom. While Epic/Zona is tasteless crap King Moassel is without a doubt the worst tasting tobacco product on the planet. The stuff is so horrid that I suspect it was developed as an instrument of torture by the anti-tobacco lobby. Words simply can't describe the Lovecraftian horror that is King Moassel. The guy that developed the flavours ought to be brought up on charges for crimes against humanity.
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