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The Witch is poorly made bit of junk that will make what ever you smoke taste of petro-chemicals. I suppose a worse smoking device could be made but I have yet to see it. Check out my review. As for the hobo I am not impressed. No ashtray equals burned closes, carpet, skin and furniture but then since the short stem gives you a hot, harsh smoke why shouldn't everything else suffer as much as your taste buds? The hose port means you can only use a hobo supplied hose which is a real downside since plenty of better hoses are on the market. The hobo has decent build quality but in the end the quality of the smoke it gives is not that great.

The real problem with these portable rigs is that all the style and tradition vanishes and what you have a boring bit of metal plopped on any bit of glass/plastic laying around which simply makes for an ugly looking rig that gives a hot, harsh session. Besides, what's the point of walking around while smoking? If I am at a party i'd rather sit around talking to people then worrying about spilling ashes and coals all over the sweet young thing siting nearby. Basically it strikes me as dumb idea that takes all the enjoyment out of smoking.
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