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Default Re: Bowl Comparison

Originally Posted by HookahMaster
Originally Posted by daedra
serious? both my phunnels have the middle part lower than the rim and they never sag or have the coals move towards the center.
Yep, I'm being 100% honest and serious... Trust me, if I didn't have to smoke with it in place, then I wouldn't. It's too much work to keep it clean, it's always turning black on me all the time. But yeah, this has happened to me more than once, and I stretched the foil as much as it could handle. I actually ripped a few foil sheets apart trying to make it as streched out as possible.

I agree with you in that it doesn't increase flavor or smoke performance like some say. But it does benefit me in preventing all these incoveniences from happening when smoking with the tangiers. Imagine dude, having to seperate the coals from each other every two hits because they meet at the center. It gets pretty annoying...
i agree with you too on the supposed increased flavor and smoke performance. its like the diffuser. im using boom's diffuser and from what i notice, it doesnt increase flavor or smoke performance but it does quiet down the hookah.
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