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Default Re: Tangiers Phunnel vs Generic Chinese Phunnel?

The main differnces i have notice between my chinese phunnel bowl, and my buddys tangiers. Are the heat retention, Bowl size, and the thickness of the ceramics.

Chinnes phunnel= thinner, more likely to crack or break, not as deep or tight of a pack and takes more heat.

Tangiers phunnel bowl = thicker ceramic so it wont crack as easily, deeper bowl, tighter pack, reatins the heat longer and better heat disperssion. On top of this you can also take the bowl directly from the hookah hot and put it under running water and it wont break due to the thicker ceramics.

They both server the same purpose. I use my chinese and like it alot. Although i dont use it very often cause i usually smoke by myself.

As for the web sites not having everything. I am running into the same problem. I want to get a vortex bowl, hoses and shisha. The problem is i cant find everything i want to buy all at the same place. So it either pay a lot in shipping due to orders spread out. Or be stuck and pay more for certain items and make due with other flavor choices. which i think is what i am going to do.
(*Disclaimer* These are my opinions and mine alone. It does not reflect the opinions of others and is based on my personal smoking enjoyment and experience)

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