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Default Re: Got some Nakhla Earl Grey

dont know about the rose smell?? but i smoke alot of nakhla and while they dont need acclimation generally earl grey is one of the flavours that did!!

out of the pack the smell was insanely strong and lavender/bergmont smelling. i smoked it and it was a very strong flavour, only towards the end was i getting the tea flavour, the other flavour was way too empowering.

i let it sit out for a couple of days , and now its smokes a hundred times better, just needs to acclimatise, and its a damn good complex flavour.

i gotta agree slightly with the cardomom being similar originally straight out of the pack. but once again once acclimised for a few days etc it has a different smell and defo smokes better aswell. the two are very different after acclimation!!

hpe this helps
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