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hey guys,

so today im talking to my friend who is against smoking has never tried hookah and is VERY self righteous. and she keeps telling me that if i smoke hookah every day i will definately get lung cancer. heres the kicker.. neither she nor i know anyone that has gotten lung cancer from smoking hookah..i looked it up and the most cases of lung cancer originate not from the middle east(where hookah originated and has been smoked for centuries) but in the U.S where most of the tobacco products arent hookah but ciggerettes... so what i want to know is if anyone has heard of someone or knows someone that has gotten lung cancer from hookah.. i know its possible but im guessing very rare considering.. personally im not worried. i enjoy smoking 1-3 bowls a day at college with my friends and i know that there are so many ways i could die prematurely anyways i might as well enjoy hookah and let the good times roll right? if anyone can help me in this debate with my friend please let me know, im just tired of all the righteous non smoker attitudes!
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