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Default Re: Nicotine in Bloodstream

A few things:

1) Nicotine in and of itself is not thought of as bad except insofar as it makes you want to consume tobacco. However, plenty of material exists to dispute that notion which i've covered plenty of times in the past.
2) What ever nicotine exists in moassel will absorb by the smoker in far lower percentages then it would be in a cigarette since the tobacco is not burned.
3) How much absorption of what ever the smoke contains has far more to do with smoking methods then it does with what exactly you smoke. I smoke without inhaling since since I treat a narghile like like a Western pipe or cigar and recommend others do like wise since you have no taste buds in your lungs and tobacco is all about taste as far as I am concerned.

I've been smoking cigars, pipes and narghiles for more then 40 years on an almost daily basis and according to my physician my cardiovascular health is as good as most men 20 years my junior. My regular blood test that I take for my health coverage also have never indicated that the presence of nicotine and I regularly smoke brands like Desi merli which have more nicotine then Nakhla does by far.

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