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Default Re: India next week !

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Goa is a great city with the best food and drink in the country, great architecture and a lovely climate. In short it's a great place to visit. All of these things (save the climate) are due in large part to the Portuguese influence and Goa's role a trade hub.

In terms of tobacco in India you can get tombac, jurak as well as moassel from literally hundreds of brands that you can't get in the West. Some of the better brands are Bajaj ( a nice & mellow modern type spiced moassel), Qehwa ( great fruit flavoured moassels), Sufia Jurak (a nice ranged of spiced juraks with very low nicotine), Desi Merli is amazing. A great line of fruit and spice based moassels is made AJP but favorites are: Abu Sheesha, Abu Itrah & Al Khaas as these have very high quality tobacco and amazingly good spiced essences.
okay thanks for that info, will try to look around as much as I can.
I'm going now so bye hookahpro. Ill try making updates when I'm there.
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