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Default hookah hookah

ok so i haven't even tried the brand out yet but i've watched many MANY probably all the videos of reviews on it on this site, that and hookah freak of course.
i didn't want to get any cause my state has weird laws or maybe it's everywhere else, but it can't be shipped to a residential address in my state. instead they are shipping it to seattle and i have to go pick it up...

but the question i have since i haven't smoked it yet or even gotten but am looking to not screw it up the first time, two things.

i saw a vid a while back where a guy was showing how to pack it and he used a weird ring and underpacked by a lot and everyone was commenting and saying how they were grateful and all cause they always burn it.

so my question is, is hookah hookah/hookah freak packed differently than others?
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