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Default Despair!!

A hookah disaster has fallen upon me last night!!! i brought a 50 cm generic egyptian to a party last night with a small phunnel bowl and razan hose as upgrades, to pimp it we were smoking and i told them how to pass it round carefully etc. and they seemed to get it....half an hour later we re all pretty much drunk and i leave the hookah 1 second to smoke a cigar and they re calling me saying somethings happened to the head....the 12 head....i fucking look at it for a minute lift up the foil....bits of ceramic everywhere...take the head off and throw it out of the window grrr that was 12 small phunnel from london cause u cant get them here in italy and they fucking broke it....oh well next time i ll bring my shittiest set or none at all.....
just wanted to share my pain with the rest of the hookah community out there
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