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Default First Impressions...

So, had my first smoke ever last night - Nakhla Peach from my MYA QT using two ******* Hookah Natural Coals. I filled the vase with ice and cold water, and smoked in my basement.

First impressions - the smoke was very mild compared to the cigars I'm used to smoking, but did have the peach flavor throughout the one-hour session. I got some decent clouds, but nothing like some of the videos I've seen. As many said, the smoke did dissapate very quickly, and my house did not smell at all like smoke. My fiancee was asleep upstairs at the time. She woke up earlier than me this morning and did her normal workout DVD in the basement. After breakfast, I told her I was smoking hookah down there last night. Had I made no mention of it, she would STILL be oblivious to it! Great success!

Upon cleanup, I took the foil off the bowl and was surprised by what I saw. Only a small layer of the top crust appeared to be blackened, while the rest of the shisha seemed warm and slightly moist. I found this odd, as I expected to pull off the foil and see a ball of blackened, shriveled shisha. Did I do something wrong?

Alll in all, it was an enjoyable experience. I did get decent smoke. I did get a buzz. My only complaint might've been that I didn't acheive those huge clouds of smoke I see on the videos.
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