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Default Re: First Impressions...

Congrats on your first hookah session!!! Nakhla is not usually the choice of new hookah smokers but I am glad that you enjoyed it.

Nakhla is a shisha that will give you okay clouds but great flavor, if you are looking for huge, thick clouds of smoke then you might want to try a shisha like starbuzz. They Have many differnet flavors. You also might want to try and use three coals if you have a tangiers funnel bowl.

As far as the burnt shisha, you did nothing worng. In the hookah culture you learn as you go. Depending on how much shisha you used and how tight you packed your bowl, there might be some good shisha left in the bowl. You could either pack less shisha or you can mix up or take off the blackened shisha and light up some more coals.

Once again congrats on your first session being a successful and enjoyable one!!!

Welcome to Hookah pro!!!
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