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Default Re: Khalil Mamoon Exports Internationally from Egypt

The answer is NO!

I have already done my research, there is many reason though:
(1) it's really expensive to ship a hookah from Egypt to north america (about $50-$100)
(2) There is no egyptian vendor that has a website
(3) KM doesn't have a website
(4) There is no way for you to see the hookah before you buy it
(5) KM is not very poplar in egypt, because they don't have really a favorite brand.

Your best bet would be to go to egypt when you find a ticket on sale, and you can buy like 5 hookah sets for $150-$200. if you add it up, it would be cheaper to fly to egypt (look for sales) and buy 5 hookahs rather than buying it online. besides they have a lot of choices and other items that we don't have in N. America, like washable KM hoses, which cost like $4-6, whereas it would cost you at least $19 to buy one KM hose here.
And if you do go to egypt, everything is cheap, and you will be able to see the magnificent pyramids, amazing country, super nice people, and on the top of that the tobacco is dirt cheap

But if you still want to buy one from egypt, there is a guy from egypt on this Forum, his name is Ahmad and his user name: The Egyptian. He is a super nice guy and he will be more than happy to help you. PM him and I dont think he will mind.
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