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Default Re: How harmful is smoking hookah?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i dont have an issue with segregating us in public or not allowing it with in certain distances of entrances, schools, or other public places that a person cannot avoid because while it is a choice i dont want to make my fellow man uncomfortable because of my pleasures. however i think making it impossible for people to smoke in a public establishment is crazy, there have been smoking and non smoking sections for years and i know the non smoking sections dont get noticeable amounts of smoke in them.

i do think that if they are going to tax tobacco then they need to EVENLY tax tobacco, alcohol, and all other luxury items (soda, candy, junk food, nice clothing, nice cars, big houses, etc), hell even evenly tax tobacco. how the hell does it make sense to tax RYO 23 bucks a pound and hookah tobacco 4 bucks a kilo and packs of cigs like 60 cents, either X per package or X per weight, same with all the other luxury items too

Someone noted my link I guess and resuscitated this thread.

Anyway I disagree with the notion that something should be taxed simply because something caries a health risk with it for the simple reason that giving the state such a justification for modifying one's behavior helps to politicize science and expand state authority into areas are are private matters. That rationale has already served as the basis for onerous taxes on tobacco and alcohol which hurt the economy and have provided the thin end of the wedge for expanded government control over our lives.

As to forcibly segregating smokers from none smokers I object to that as well since how a proprietor chooses to treat his customers is simply not a matter for the government to decide.
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