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Default Re: I don't know my facts

Originally Posted by blazingking View Post
my friend said his aunty smoked nearly all day and went she went hospital they found water in her lungs but then i dont think water vapour goes in the lungs as the water in my base never goes down after a session.
Water vapor is from the moisture in the moassel. Water is present in the glycerine, tobacco, molasses, and flavoring depending on type. Glycerine itself is very hygroscopic and will absorb water from the air until it equalizes with humidity levels. IIRC, glycerine at equilibirum is ~20% water by weight. This is what it means to "acclimate" moassel. Low water content moassels have the most issues with it due to longer acclimation times.

The water in the base is for filtration and cooling.

Oh and to make that bubbly noise.
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