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Default Re: to acclimate or not to acclimate.

Originally Posted by foibled View Post

All glycerine based moassels acclimate. Noir is more affected by it due to it's low water content from the use of dried tobacco.

Water content directly relates to the amount of moisture absorbed from the air. When tangiers is packaged, it will be at a completely different humidity then the package the previous day. This would need more or less or no acclimation when you open it. The tobacco itself would of course absorb excessive moisture. Nicotine content also affects acclimation as well.

With other brands, which are washed, and come out with very thin lifeless tobacco leaves, moisture absorption is a very minimal factor - they can barely hold much water, all of the water is in the glycerol. When you open it up, and it smells very strong, or medicinal - this is simply because there is a high concentration of aromatic air that has had no way to breathe, possibly absorbing any off flavor from the dye/honey/molasses/tobacco/flavoring. When you open it, that is all you can smell, so when you leave it out, the tobacco does not need to acclimate in order to reach the right moisture level, it just needs to release it's stale air. The processed tobacco product can't possibly contain enough moisture to affect smokeability, and there is not enough nicotine to play a part.

That's what I think. . Oh, I didn't mean other tobaccos can't acclimate literally, I mean they won't acclimate. I'm sure some of them might, but Tangiers Lucid doesn't even need it.
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