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Default Re: How harmful is smoking hookah?

Originally Posted by blazingking View Post
atleast their aint things like rat poison which are in cigerettes
The reason that rat poison exists in tobacco is the same reason it exists in food, drinks and house hold furnishings and that reason is not because someone consciously added it to the product. Rather, rat poison,and a bunch of other nasty things, are found in consumer products because they are used in the production facilities, vehicles and warehouses that the product travels through one the way to the consumer. All sorts of nasty chemicals become air born or get on surfaces and settle on the product because it's not practical to prevent that from happening to some extent.

The only reason we are aware of such things is thanks to the science behind mass spectrometry which allows us to find trace elements that other wise could not be detected. I should point out that just because something can be measured does not mean that the substance is a health threat. The real question is if the nasty substance in question is present in large enough quantities to elevate the risk of consumption at some predetermined dose over a given period of time. In other words, the specifics about what is "bad" for you is not a binary thing but very complicated.

I'd be willing to bet that all tobacco (and every other agricultural product for that matter) everywhere in the world has chemicals that can be dangerous in that all agricultural products are gown with fertilizers and pesticides as well exposed to air and water that is to some extent polluted. The question is at what point do the risk factors of such contaminants make for an unacceptable public health risk. That is a super tough question to answer for experts all the related fields but one that is commonly dealt with from a standpoint of scientific and economic ignorance and dogma.
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