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Default Re: to acclimate or not to acclimate.

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
this is all bs, i just plop in a few pinches of ed hardy shisha fresh out of the tin and i'm a happy camper every time.

now that i got that out, i really never take acclimation too seriously, I know it should be done and it makes sense. I feel like our climate in socal just works fine, with all my shisha now i just drop it in a flat tupeprware, spread out stir it up, and smoke it within 15 minutes, then for the rest of the session just open the tub, stir it up and smoke away.
i don't have the patience to open a bag of shisha and let it breather for hours.
I agree, we're fortunate to live where we do because I've also never had to deal with acclimation issues even with humidity affecting conditions like ac/heater, indoors/outdoors, dry/raining, etc. I still find it humorous that Eric's survey found that people who work hard at trying to acclimate have more issues than those with the "I don't really care" approach.

Oh and Ed Hardy tobacco FTW. The $217 I spent on this kilo can was soooooooo worth it!
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