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Default Re: SB for Cheap?!?!?

Originally Posted by swaflyer1 View Post
crap. all my gf likes is freaking SB. she doesnt like the buzz nakhla gives her and starbuzz citrus mist is what she loves. here lies my dilema....STARBUZZ IS FREAKING EXPENSIVE!! where can i get it for the cheapest possible?
You can't get a decent deal on SB for two reasons: 1) It's sugary, fake tasting crap so it's objective value is about zero. 2) Lots of people love sugary, fake tasting crap proving that you can't lose money under estimating the public's tastes so the incentive for the retailers and SB is keep on ripping you off.

I'd say you have three sensible, yes I know love is not sensible, choices:
1) Teach your girl friend to smoke in such a way that getting a buzz just doesn't happen no matter what you smoke. That is what I do and it works.
2) Get a girl friend with better tastes or one that will pay for her own SB.
3) Get her to try stuff that is actually worth smoking. One way to do that is to mix in washed, candied crap with good stuff and reduce the crap component with with time so as to ween her off it.

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