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Default Re: Just cant seem to get it right!!

Originally Posted by mo0 View Post
ill take pics for you guys soon, u have also tried starbuzz and its the same issue, so i dont think the AF is my problem.
Sometimes people see AF and start throwing flaming turd buckets.

Honestly if your shisha is not burning or atleasts blackened after 10mins of smoking you need more heat. Generally speaking if you can take a draw from the hose and the hookah makes bubbles and you get air then there is nothing wrong with the hookah to cause such problems. So again generally speaking your hose should not be a problem.

When using a vortex bowl try to pack it by sprinkling the AF in and moving the shisha away from the air holes in the spire. Vortex bowl are notorious for being the fool proof way to smoke without burning your shisha but I find that sometimes this feature (creating a space between the foil and the tobacco) can make heating the shisha up somewhat of a problem.

Remember that AF is not very heat sensitive and generally can take the heat of 3 coals (CH QLs)

The only advice I can offer is to buy/make a wind cover and make sure your coals are comepletely lit throughout the coal. I love using a windcover with my vortex when I start the bowl because it concentrates the heat so I get smoke faster. But I must warn you using a windcover with a vortex can sometimes make the smoke harsh fast, this is mainly because being a modern bowl, vortex bowls are machine made and the material they are made from is pretty thin and overheats fairly quickly. Not a huge problem being that you can just take it off when you feel it getting harsh.

If you know for sure your coals are completely lit and the problem persists I would suggest using more shisha in the bowl, pack it so that the shisha does not clog the spire of the vortex but also comes closer to the top outside edge. Or add another coal...totally lit of coarse!

Hope the sessions get better!

Edit: Also check your vortex, I got one from SS that had 3/4 of the holes in the spire poorly made. So the airflow was horrible. Sometimes no airflow equals no good smoke not only because of the obvious but also because the heat from the coals isnt pulled into the shisha as much.
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