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Default Re: Shisha/Hookah Lounge

You me both are looking to open up lounges in east london i have done plenty of research been to the council, etc

If you need any help PM me and il answer your question where abouts are you looking to open it

A couple of points that i know are, NEWHAM will NOT allow any more lounges to open up leagally, and you cant advertise you are a hookah lounge.

The loopholes aren't really a loop hole as to conduct the research you need to apply for it in the first place etc.

Also you need a secondary fire exit which is a must and you can get away with having 40% open.

Also you cant open up near a residentual area, so if they are houses near by they wont allow it to stay open after 6 etc

Like i said any more questions PM me and il be glad to help
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