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Designated Smoking Room Fact Sheet

FAQ for Designated Smoking Room Fact Sheet | Contact for Designated Smoking Room Fact Sheet There are very few exemptions to the smokefree law and only certain places where people live and which are also workplaces, will smoking be permitted. Such places include residential accommodation, designated rooms in adult care homes, adult hospices and psychiatric hospitals, designated hotel bedrooms, designated detention or interview rooms, designated rooms in offender accommodation premises, offshore installations, private vehicles, certain laboratory rooms, submarines and refueling vessels. This does not mean that smoking is allowed throughout the premises. Instead, smoking will be restricted to 'designated smoking rooms' provided that the following conditions are met:
[LIST][*]The person in charge of the premises designates a bedroom as one in which smoking is permitted[*]A list of rooms designated for smoking is available if requested by an enforcement officer[*]The room is clearly signposted as a room where smoking is permitted[*]The bedroom’s ventilation system does not link into the smoke-free areas of the premises[*]If the premises open onto a smokefree public areas, the door can be mechanically closed to prevent smoke drift[/LIST] Designated bedrooms in hotels, hostels and bed and breakfast accommodation are exempt since they are places where people live even though they are not private homes. The person in charge of the premises must designate the bedrooms in writing. The only rooms that can be designated are bedrooms and not other parts of a suite or rooms which are used in common with other bedrooms or in other parts of the building, even if all bedrooms are designated. Please see separate fact sheet for more information on designated bedrooms in hotels etc. Where a designated smoking room can be provided in residential care facilities, it should be noted that it is intended for the use of residents only.
When deciding how many rooms to permit smoking, the person in charge should be aware that only a quarter of the adult population smoke and many people who do smoke will prefer smokefree bedrooms. There is no obligation for employers of exempt places to have 'smoking rooms' if they do not wish to do so and it is up to the management of individual buildings to decide if visitors will be allowed to access smoking rooms. The exemption exists for residents only and therefore should not be used by staff. The designated rooms can only be used by persons over the age of 18 years.
Conditions required to be met for designated rooms

The table of requirements for designation of rooms for smoking details the conditions that must be met for designated rooms in a specified premises, as set out in the Smoke-free (Exemptions and Vehicles) Regulations. A " " on the table means that the condition must be met in order to designate a room for smoking. If all required conditions are not met in any designated room in a specified premises, the room must be smoke free under the provisions in the Health Act 2006.
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