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Default Finally cracked a base

After a few years of smoking hookah I have finally lost a base. It was the base to my big ass KM double trimetal and it split a little below the lip at the top of the neck. I was surprised as the glass did not shatter in any way. The mouth of the vase simply separated from the rest. It was so clean that I was not sure it had happened at first. I have been using this base almost exclusively for the better part of a year. It makes me worry about my older bases and when they might decide it's time for retirement.

I'll post some pictures of the break later so you guys can see what I mean.

This poses a couple questions though. What should I get for a replacement vase? I am looking for suggestions. I usually buy from John and will most likely do so this time as well.

Secondly, My other favorite hookah (and one of the oldest bases) is a Nour Syrian Karakol. I am having trouble fiding some place that actually has bases that will fit that hookah. I have only been looking for the bell shaped bases I am used to but I am open to suggestions.
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