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Default Hookah Issues (Temsah Wheat) :|

Recently bought the Temsah wheat hookah from CH. I've had a few issues however, it's not all that terrible.

Setup:I use the standard egyptian bowl it came with, 2 CH QL coals, Windcover, 1 layer foil, circle pattern for holes (using a mechanical pencil to poke the holes since i don't have a toothpick), been trying to vary with the water level however I havn't seen much of a difference (try to go about 1 inch above downstem, but perhaps someone could recommend where to go on this base?), and narbish hose.

Been using Nakhla mango/peach and multiple starbuzz flavors. Much of the time the smoke tends to not be as thick as I have seen from other users online (or from the lounges I've been) but it's not terrible. It also tends to get harsh pretty quick. Also I don't really feel as if I'm getting that great of a flavor out of much of the shisha I have. (I've tried airing it out a little bit and mixing it around for the juices)

Another issue I have had is that the purge valve it came seems to create a leak as it didn't come with one of those little metal balls so I covered it with foil to make it more air tight. Also I can't seem to get the base grommit to fit in all the way.

I'll try to post some pictures of the setup. Thanks for the help!
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