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Default Re: Hooka is DIVORCING me :(

First up welcome to HP Hubbly.
Sorry to rain on your Parade Hubbly just clearing up a few things:

1. You are a South African still residing in South Africa if the Answer is yes the following will hold true.
2. A Nigerian sold you the Hookah tells me it was bought at a fleamarket.
3. The Pumpkin Hookah will be a Chinese knockoff with a plated common chamber (steel if I am not Mistaken)
4. The hose is Plastic outside with a metal spring inside and not washable.
5. Check the purge valve the pumpkin I bought had the base that screws into the heart screwed in the wrong way around and would not seal never mind purge.
6. The Maya type bowls that comes with that hookah is enormous get a small replacement Egyptian bowl instead.
7. Check that the Grommet for the hose was supplied.
8. Use a Flashlight and shine it into the heart through one of the holes in the plate (not the big one in the middle) look for rust in the heart.
9. If you find rust you have your culprit for the taste.

I have found that the little plated Hookahs that look like Egyptians is a traditional chambered and is made of thin brass plate that is plated no chance of rust. Just ensure the ports are clean and not halfway obstructed by solder and you will have a Hookah that purges and smokes good. Beware that the hoses supplied here are all plastic with metal coils inside and no matter what they tell you they rust.
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