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Default Re: Health Notice about smoking hookah

for the first 3 hours we used coconaras/golden flash (wood charcoal) on a KM Ra 46 inches hookah loaded with tangiers lucid passion fruit/mint and for the other hour used my homemade stainless steel hookah ( ) frosen, so really cold smoke with same coal and tangiers lucid mint. i draw pretty constanly and deep breaths when it was my turn but we was two people smoking and i have smoked hookah for about 5 years and as worst getting an headache (more often lately though). I most certainly agree that moderation is the key here

was just so cosy and nice feeling so we just lost track of time so this is just an pointer to be careful (easy to get lost) and if you get the symptoms consider to call the hospital.

take care of yourself and the people you smoke with
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